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How to win reversi everytime

In diagram 15 black should play to a2 forcing white to either take the christmas fudge gift ideas west edge or initiate play to the north-east - either way white will lose.
So when optimizing your mobility, gaining corners or anything else, you should consider how best to do this for the long term rather than just for the next move.Most of my successful Reversed Reversi games finish with my opponent having to move into just such regions for the last two or three moves while I pass each time having no available moves.It's easier to think about avoiding bad moves than making good moves.If black then plays b8 to recover the south edge, b7 will be flipped and provide access to a8 for white who may then take all of the southern edge.One should not play the minimum disc strategy to an extreme, however, as this also can quickly lead to a lack of mobility.The nearest analogy I've come up with is this sort of position.Black has the advantage of global parity in the reverse game provided neither player has to pass or there are an even number of passes.It can be thought of as less risky to go adjacent to a corner horizontally or vertically if you have control of that side.First, to review the already mentioned concepts: Avoid giving up a corner, and have that drive your early game.C-squares (B1, G1, A2, H2, A7, H7, B8, and G8) are located on the edges and are next to corners.Edge-pieces can anchor flips that influence moves to all regions of the board.The turn after that, your opponent gets the corner.
Diagram 15 has three areas of 1, 2 3 squares respectively.

Tip #2: Corners are very valuable.It is very dangerous for a beginning player to place a disc there during the opening and mid phases because the opponent can now easily get to a corner.None of the pieces can be re-flipped, and eventually your opponent will have so few (or zero) moves that you can control the rest of the game in any way you like.This is what I meant earlier about turning a corner against someone.A move like this which does not flip any frontier disks is called a quiet move and often represents good play.Placing a disc there without any disc next to it can spell trouble for a beginner as that position can be attacked by a more skilled player.For each move you consider, you must consider possible responses from your opponent, then the subsequent responses you will make to those moves and.Parity edit, as play progresses, regions of the board will typically section themselves off where neither side can prevent the other from playing arbitrarily into those regions.There are some squares players have named: Corner pieces (a1,h1,a8,h8) X-squares (b2,g2,b7,g7) C-squares (a2,b1,g1,h2,h7,g8,b8,a7) B-squares (c1,f1,h3,h6,f8,c8,a6,a3) A-squares (d1,e1,h4,h5,e8,d8,a5,a4) Edge-pieces are piece in the outer rows or columns (a1 to h1) (a8 to h8) (a1 to a8) (h1 to h8) Sweet-16 are the center 16 squares.

When moves seem equal with respect to what moves you will leave yourself and your opponent, playing a minimum piece strategy will tend to advantage you, because minimizing your discs will tend to leave fewer discs for your opponent to flip in subsequent moves.